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Bee Packages for sale 2017

2017 Spring bee packages $120 each set for April 29th delivery and May 6th delivery. 

Bee Packages $120 each
5 Bee Packages $585 
10 Bee Packages $1,150
Call for larger orders
Group orders welcome

Order Bee Packages with link below

 Queens are a Italian hybrid reared for honey production, gentle nature and over wintering. Queens and bee packages are produced by our supplier who ships them here in their climate controlled truck holding over 1000 bee packages.

In case of foul weather conditions the day of the bee package pick up. Bee packages will remain inside the climate controlled truck until picked up by the beekeeper. This will help ensure healthy bees when picked up. 

As of December 1st  the report on the hives the bee packages are produced from the overall condition of the hives look good. 

Dakotabees.com outlet Store will have bee hives starting as low as $74.95 and several bee package hive combos priced for every budget.

Beekeeping classes will start in January every Saturday from 9 am until 12 pm. This class takes you through the year in beekeeping starting with your bee package. Classes are $35 per couple and kids are welcome to attend

Scientists determine how to control parasite without harming bees 
read more at   http://www.sussex.ac.uk/broadcast/read/33537


 E-mail greg@dakotabees.com to reserve your bee package or nuc.

Bee Packages for 2017 of 3 pounds of bees about 10,000 workers with a mated queen bee will arrive April 30th for delivery In Wheat Ridge Co. Bee Packages are shipped in a semi trailer with climate control and are team driven to the drop off. Less time on the road for the bees. Less stress on the bees and few to zero losses in transit.

$120 per bee package at this price we anticipate an early sell out this year order soon to reserve your bees. We do not ship bee packages this is for pick up in Denver April 29th.

Also will have mated queens available starting the first part of April

Order on line at dakotabees.com. by following the link to the sales page. Or visit us at the Outlet Store or Wardle Feed 42th and Wadsworth

Outlet Store 10090 W 27th Ave Wheat Ridge Co 80215 in the Gold's Shopping Center at 26th and Kipling in the rear of the building between the bowling alley and Riffs.

Understand that we do not guarantee that you will be able to successfully continue to establish a colony or "hive" with the bee package. You agree that you will not attempt to hold dakotabees.com responsible for whatever may happen to your bee package after it is picked up from us by you.  We do not refund any money for bee packages that do not survive transit or fall short of expectations.  However it is in our best interest to give you the best support we can.  Please call us immediately after you get your bee package home if you have any concerns or questions.  Best practices will ensure you have success. 

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