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Collecting Your Honey

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All of your hard work is about to pay off you have taken good care of your bee colony by providing them a water source, pollen substitute when needed and have fed your bees when forage was short. For the average beekeeper all that is needed to collect your rewards. Is a food grade five gallon buckect with honey spickett, screen, and a hive tool. Using the bucket methoud also alows a beekeper with one or two hives to extract honey one or two frames at a time. The flavor of the honey and the color of the honey may change from frame to frame within the hive. As bees forage durring the spring, summer and fall, they forage on differant flowers as each bloom becomes availible. You can seperate your frames by color and or location of the frames. Now process your honey laden frames by the methoud you used to seperate them and enjoy a varity honey flavor from you own hives.  

Extracting with a honey extractor.
 I would suggest before purchasing an extractor join a bee club for example the Highland Bee Club they have a honey house that the club members can use. This club even sets up a demostration for using the honey house. Here is a link to their web site with information on joining the club.
There are several clubs throughout Colorado visit our bee club page to see the other clubs Information.

More to come with photos

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