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Hive inspection services

Having trouble with your hive or you do not have the time to manage your hive we can help.

Services offered. http://www.shop.dakotabees.com/Hive-help-and-inspections_c24.htm

Hive inspection services include checking the health of the hive, looking for signs of disease or mites, making sure your hive is queens right. The charge is $75 per hour and mileage charge depending on location.

Need help splitting your hive I work with several experienced beekeepers who can split your hive and teach you how while they are working with your bees. We can re-queen your hive, check the health of the hive and explain why we take brood and honey frames to make a split. The service is $75 per hive and mileage depending on location. If you do not need the split for your bee yard there and we keep the split this is no charge for the service or the queen.

 Need help moving a hive we can move it for you.

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