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10080 W 27th Ave Wheat Ridge CO 80215 
720-621-7305 open Week Days  9 to 5 Saturday 9 to 4 Sundays 12 to 5 

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Honey Extraction Denver
10090 W 27th Ave Wheat Ridge CO 80215
720-621-7305 open Monday through Saturday 12pm to 7pm Sundays 12pm to 5pm

Dakota bees is now offering extraction services. With commercial sink, an uncapping station, room for three extractors and plenty of work and storage space. This new facility has everything needed to extract honey from your honey frames. Call us for details.

We can extract for you or you can rent the space by the hour and extract your own honey.
 Room features
 250 cubic feet of air minute is into pumped through a carbon filter to remove any odors in the air and help keep the extraction room dust free and odor free.

  We steam clean all of the work surfaces every day and do not allow and cleaning supplies in the room. I do not allow any food items in the room. We ask that all practice food safe procedures and wear disposable gloves.

  18 Frame extractor, 12 frame extractor, de capping tank, stainless steel work tables, dish washer for buckets.
 Its a fun place to work and visit. If you choose to extract your own I will take the time to check you out on the equipment and help get you started.

We extract for you at 50 cents per pound de-capping is done with a gentle heat system that only melts the thin capping this give you more of your honey and does less damage to the comb. 

Hours 12 pm to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. 
Sundays 12 pm to 7pm

Call for appointment 720-621-7305 

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