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Observation Hives

Dakotabees.com is now manufacturing observation hives. Call for a competitive quote. Show below is a ten frame observation hive installed in Denver with optional side feeder. 
Observation hives serve as an educational tool for educating the public about bees. I produce to basic types of observation hives natural and frame style. 
 Frame style I recommend 10 frame for the Denver area to keep bees over the winter. Our services can include installation of the hive, installation of the bee colony, and maintaining the bee colony.

Natural observation hive is a hive that is set up to allow the bees to build comb in a space that is provided for them. 

Shown below is a log observation hive showing what the bees have done in about a month.

Shown below is a single frame observation hive the kids love to watch the bees. 

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