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 I am currently working with several new Colorado small business owners in adding products to our website and our store. I am looking for more local products. 

New Vaporizer Design For 2018
120 Volt Oxalic Acid Vaporizers 
 easy on the bees and brood hard on mites. $94.95. 

Made in Colorado.

 Click here to order  >  http://www.shop.dakotabees.com/Mite-Treatment_c31.htm

Scientists determine how to control parasite without harming bees 
read more at   http://www.sussex.ac.uk/broadcast/read/33537

Products at the On-line Store

 Free Shipping on starter kits assembled or un-assembled.

 To view photos of these products visit the online store with the link below.
Note the website is still under construction most items will show out of stock. We are not out of stock I am still calculating shipping before I add inventory availability to the on-line ordering web-site.

All prices on bee components is without paint.
Winter Patties $1.89 pound
Pollen Patties $2.89 each
Feed supplement for sugar water $13.95
Bee frames medium or deeps $1.20 each
Foundation black or natural medium or deeps $1.20 each
Wax foundation and frames for medium frames $1.20 each
Bottom Boards $15.95
Entrance reducer $1.49
Queen excluders plastic $5.95 metal $9.95
Mouse guards $2.49
Inner covers $10.95
Top Cover $21.95
Assembled Cardboard Nuc box $9.95
Unassembled premium deep box $22.95
Unassembled premium medium box $17.95
Assembled frames and foundation $31.95 per ten frames and foundation
Feeder ship for pollen patties or winter patties 1 1/2" assembled $5.95 each
Top feeder with 2 1/2" feeder shim $24.95
Medium hive body with screen 3/8" space below and 4 1/2" for sawdust $34.95 includes saw dust.
Comb in jar honey super holds 20 pint jars $54.95
Beeswax $9.50 per pound
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