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Sleeping Bees

Hi Caitlin and class, this question drove me nuts for days. One of the kids asked when do honey bees sleep I assumed they did not here is a post or link. 


After leaving the your 1st grade today and looking back on my observations of natives bees last year this question from your class opened my eyes to the sleep behavior of native bees. Not just honey bees. I have observed native bees on flowers in the early mornings clearly that stayed the night on that flower and if to cold they would not move unless disturbed. Based on the question from the class and my observations of native bees they follow the same same sleep schedule or rest time based on the sun and climate. 

In the spring I can know relate the behavior of male leaf cutter bees with the defending several flowers as their own. I also now understand why I see these male bees resting in the mornings on flowers. I believe the female bees to be resting or sleeping in the nesting chambers away from the flowers or foraging areas. With male leaf cutter bees staying each night in the area they patrol for females. 

I look forward to further observations this year in our bee garden. And I will be looking for resting native bees in the mornings. Expecting to find and document sleeping and or resting males.

The reason I assumed honey bees never slept is the fact that the hive is always active throughout the year. 
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