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Where to place you hive

I get a lot of questions on this subject. Bees do well in the wild in a variety of locations the hives can be located in hollowed tree trunks, the eaves, joist systems and wall cavities of homes. The entrance location of wild hives can be random depending on the location and the space availble to the bees. Driving winds and rain typically blow from the north to the south east knowing this. The hive entrance should face south or south east as not to allow wind to push water into the hive. 
A hive location that allows the morning sun to heat up your hive is best. Late afternoon shade in the summer helps keep the hive cool. Prevailing winds in the winter can suck the heat out of a hive providing a wind break or placing your bees in a location where the are protected from the wind will also help your hive survive the winter. Wind breaks can be as simple has straw bails.

A quite location on your property that is seldom used is a good place to start when thinking about placing your hive. Once you have placed your hive and installed your bee package you want to avoid moving your hive. Bees have an amazing natural gps system moving your hive over just two feet during the day you almost immediately observe bees flying around the area where the hive and entrance was. If you must move your bees seal them up in the late evening or early morning prior to moving them as the bees should all bee inside the hive. You will lose fewer of your bees this way.    

More information and photos to be added soon.
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