Bee Town USA

Dakota Bees

Bee Town USA is a bee conservation project by and supported by local community gardens. The project is an educational one intended to draw attention to our native bees and honey bees. By providing educational signs at each of the community gardens, native bee habitats along with the Bee Town hives.

Dakota Bees

The main hub of the project is the Arvada Community Garden, which will host 12 BeeTown hives and a native bee wall habitat. The Anythink Library will host eight hives in Denver, Thornton, Commerce City, and Bennett Colorado. The Grey Street Garden in Lakewood will host two Bee Town hives. They already have native bee habitat in the garden.

Dakota Bees

We are almost done but still need some finishing work. It is coming along well. Here are some of the progress photos of the hives and the bee wall habitat.

Anyone who would like to participate in the Bee Town USA project, call us at (720) 621-7305

This includes beekeepers who would like to help maintain hives for honey. The honey would go to the Community Garden and the beekeeper will maintain the hives. Beekeepers would report on hive status. Bee Town USA will provide beekeeping items needed frames, sugar etc.

Artists who would enjoy creating bee town building, and bee conservation, sign or share your ideas with us.

Beekeepers, who enjoy talking with the public during an open house, can join us.

Business owners can sponsor a bee town hive with their business logo.